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What's the different between Modbus TCP server and Modbus TCP slave device for M258 Ethernet?

Modbus TCP server Modbus TCP slave device
Only configure IP address Need to configure parameters and I/O mapping
For Modbus TCP client, all %MW address of server can be R/W. For I/O scanner, only %IW area (2~40 words) can be R/W, %QW area (2~40 words) are read only, and actual %MW address of slave device cannot be visited.
No need to configure “Unit ID” Unit ID (1~247) should be same the unit ID setting in Modbus TCP I/O scanner.
No visualized list for communicated address. Have a clear and visualized interface to monitor all communicated variables.
The connection to one client may be closed when more than 8 connections are needed. The connection to the Master client is never forcefully closed, when IPMaster Address is configured.

Please see attached ModbusTCP Slave Device explanation document.
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