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PME 7.2.2 - Webreach real time data trouble shooting

Applies to: PME 7.2.x

If Real Time data works in Vista but for some reason it does not work in Webreach, the following trouble shooting may be useful.

1. Ensure that Javascript is enabled in the browser. In IE, select Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Scripting > Set Active Scripting to "Enable". If real time data is working at this point then you are done. No need to continue.

2. Open a new browser session and navigate to http://localhost/ion to open webreach. Drill down to a diagram where Real Time data is expected.

3. On the same browser session, start a new tab. Leave the original tab running where the real time data is expected but does not work. In the new tab type: http://localhost/ion/help.html

4. Click the "data/ShowStatistics.aspx" link (see webreach1.png attachment) to show the real time subscriptions for the previous page.

5. Inspect the real time data (see webreach2.png attachment). The timestamp is of particular interest since if it is more than 5 minutes different than the system time, then the real time data will not get updated in the webreach diagrams.

For more information, please contact L4 support.
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