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Why does the R1 relay not change state on the ATS48 softstart?

State of the R1 relay.

Product Line:
Altistart  48, ATS48

All models and serial numbers

Programming or other conditions.

Make sure R1 is assigned as R1F.  R1F is the default setting for the R1 relay.  If it has been changed to R1I the relay will not change state until a run command is issued to the soft start.
The programming of the R1 relay can be found in menu I/O.  

Check and make sure that automat restart feature is not turned on under PRO menu.  ATS should be set to no.  If unit faults out it will not allow the fault relay to change state anthill the unit has gone through automatic restart phase. 

Do a factory reset.  Go to DRC and find FCS parameter.  Set it to yes and hold enter for 3 seconds.

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