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ION Setup - Final Time Stamp Missing from Load Profile Report

When running the Load Profile Report in ION Setup, the final 12:00 AM time stamp for the date range is missing. This results in the last 15 minutes worth of energy accumulation being excluded from the rest of the data. 

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ION Setup

ION Setup / Setup Assistant

When selecting a date range, ION Setup will only query up to (but not including) the end date.

For example, a Load Profile run from January 24th to January 25th would only include the time stamps that occurred on the 24th. The final 15 minutes worth of energy data that is time stamped as 12:00 AM on January 25th would not be included. 

ION Setup 3.0 Build 15022.02 now gives users the option to select the data type for the Load Profile. 
  • Cumulative parameters (i.e. Energy and Demand)
  • Instantaneous parameters
  • Mixed parameters
The default "Cumulative parameters" will include the final 12:00 AM timestamp in the Load Profile Report. 

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