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Sepam 2000 SFT2801 and SFT2821 software - troubleshooting installation for Windows 7 with computer language set to a value other than "English."

This FAQ gives some suggestions to troubleshoot installation issues that are sometimes encountered with the legacy SFT2801 and SFT2821 software applications that are intended for use with the Sepam 2000 relays.

Given that the SFT2801 and SFT2821 programs were initially developed around the year 2000, the Windows installation executable files have been designed for older versions of Windows such as Windows NT and Windows 2000.  Because of this, when trying to install this pair of programs on newer operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows 7, sometimes problems will be encountered during the installation process.

One issue that has been observed is caused by certain characters that were used in filenames for files that are part of the installer packages.  Specifically, since the SFT2801 and SFT2821 programs were designed to work in several languages (e.g., French, Spanish, and German), some of the files inside the installer packages may have filenames containing characters such as "é," which is not part of the standard ASCII character set for computers running Windows with the language set to English.

Specifically for Windows 7, an issue has been seen where the SFT2801/SFT2821 installation can fail if the operating system is set to display in a language other than English, such as Traditional Chinese.

If you encounter installation problems, you may try to set your Windows display language to English, and retry the installation after rebooting your computer.  In the majority of cases, this has been found to resolve the problem.  After a successful installation, you can then reset your computer to use the language that you were using prior to the installation.


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