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Why can't I connect to Zelio SR2/SR3 device using a bluetooth interface SR2BTC01? I’m getting error popup window DC46_10

What are the components of VBD1?

Product Line: 
Operating Mechanism and Disconnect Switches

SR3B261FU connection issues Error code DC46_10
Within the year 2014 a new hardware design has been made for the SR2BTC01 interface.

To identify if your device is a new one or old design -- there is no version indication -- a DOM ( manufacturing date ) within the year 2014 or later indicates the new design.

In order to be able to have the ZelioSoft v4.5 version running correctly with this hardware level, we need to install a new version of the  M2Dc47_Comm.dll file  ( dated April 2014, attached into this FAQ)

This standard M2Dc47_Comm.dll file to be replaced is located in the ZelioSoft2 V.4.5 directory (by default 'C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\Zelio Soft 2)
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