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What make the %MW losing their values and reset to 0 into the M221?

Answer: 3 Different situations can lead to lose the content/actual values for the internal %MWi values ( %MDi/%MFi):

1) In the case there is no battery or end of life battery, then all %MWi ( i>50) are reset to the value 0 after any PLC OFF duration

2) When the system bit %S0 is set , then all %MWi are erased and set to the value 0

3) In case  an online change of the application has been done without a full download of the application ( only the Send button has been used ), then at the next powerOn the M221 will lose the changed application and recover the last saved/downloaded application (before the online change) and also reset its %MWi content to the value 0
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