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How to setup a 174CEV30010 or 174CEV30020

Setup of 174CEV30010 or 174CEV30020
Product Line
174CEV30010 , 174CEV30020
The following steps can be used to setup a 174CEV300x0 to connect a Unity PLC if the Ethernet side of the bridge is
connected to the PLC.  (Reference the 174CEV 300x0 user manual for additional information on how to configure it.)

Configure the Modbus port type for the 174CEV300x0 as a Modbus master.
Configure the Modbus master port parameters (i.e., 9600,8,Even,1,RS232) for the 174CEV300x0.
Configure the IP address mapping table for the 174CEV300x0 .

          i.e., If I wanted to connect to a plc that had an NOE with an address of mapped to index 9
                  of the bridge,  I would configure the mapping table of 174CEV300x0 as '009-009: 0'.
Save the changes to the 174CEV300x0 bridge.
Launch Unity and Open the appropriate project.
Program a MBP_MSTR function block for ModbusTCP communications with Unit ID.

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