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IMC firmwares have 2 version numbers (vx.x.x.x and vx.xiex). How to know the relationship between them ?

vx.x.x.x is the SoMachine device version
vx.xiex is the firmware version on drive side

SoMachine v3:
v1.1ie31    v1.1.2.8
v1.1ie32    v1.1.2.9
v1.1ie36    v1.1.2.13
v1.1ie38    v1.1.2.15

SoMachine v4:
v4.0ie8    v4.0.1.8  
v4.0ie10   v4.0.1.10
v4.0ie11   v4.0.1.11
v4.0ie15   v4.0.1.15
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