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How to set ATS22 to test un unloaded motor?

Product Line:
Altistart 22

Shop tests, unloaded motor

Testing the ATS with an unloaded motor, usually trips the ATS22 with SSCr.


After entering the correct motor data, and set the LAC to ON:

 - t90 = Factory 30 but changed to 10. ( Due to No Load connected and monitor ramp acceleration. This value to be changed back or increased when in the field under actual start-up. )
- ILt = Factor 350 changed to 200% for Shop Testing. Value to be changed in the field if Current Limit trips out.
- tLS = Factory 15s changed to 60s for Shop Testing. ( Changed back to 15s after completion of testing. )
- ACC = Factory 10s change to 60s for Shop Testing. ( Changed back to 10s after completion of testing. )
- SSC = Factory On, changed to oFF. ( Using Voltage control vs. Torque. )
- ItH = Found to be on ErUn, changed to On. ( Factory is On. )


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