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What is the “Format” of “Enumerated” registers in the ION6200 Modbus Map?

A user may be trying to read or write to a register on an ION6200, and needs to know if it is a 16 or 32 bit register, and if it is signed or unsigned.
Product Line:
ION 6200
Reading and writing registers.
The ION6200 can have a scale applied to voltage, current, and power readings, and the scaled value can be read over communications, while a non scaled reading is shown on the meter. Software applications such as a Building Management System (BMS) may need specific details of these registers in order to read and write to them.
As documented on Page 11 of PowerLogic ION6200 Serial Communications Protocol and ION / Modbus Register Map, "All ION6200 numeric parameters are represented in Unsigned 16‐bit Integer Format".
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