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How to determine sources that are logging faster than 15 minute intervals?

In a Power Monitoring Expert (PME) or Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) system, it might be necessary to determine which sources / measurements are logging at intervals faster than 15 minutes. On large systems it can be difficult to check each individual device. 

Product Line:
StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)
Enterprise Energy Management (EEM)

SQL Server Management Studio

The SPM and EEM systems do not provide a means of quickly determining what the logging interval is on the individual devices. 

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.* 

The attached SQL queries can be used to quickly determine which source / measurements in either the PME or EEM databases have timestamps that do not fall on the 15 minute time intervals. 

1) Open one of the attached .sql files in SQL Server Management Studio. 

For SPM / PME systems, use the PME_Find_Non15_Sources.sql query. 
For EEM systems, use the EEM_Find_Non15Sources.sql query. 

2) Execute the query.
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