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What is the replacement possibility for a Lexium BPH0953N5MA2CA1 motor?

Title:  What is the replacement possibility  for a Lexium BPH0953N5MA2CA1 motor ?

Issue:  replacement

Product Line: Lexium BPH, Lexium BMH, Lexium 15

Environment: Not applicable

Cause:  Obsolescence

Resolution: A BMH1003P31A2A or BMH1003P32A2A  may suitably replace the BPH0953N5MA2CA1 motor. The only difference between the part numbers is that BMH1003P31A2A is a motor with a single turn absolute Encoder whereas BMH1003P32A2A is a motor with a multi -turn absolute encoder. Both of them have a parallel keyed shaft with IP65 protection and no brake.

For feedback cable, the Sincos Hiperface Encoder cable bearing p/N VW3 M8102 Rxx shall be used ( where xx - 15, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, 750 ) 15 -=1.5 m; 30 -=3 m, 100 = 10 m length and so on. For the Power cable, cable bearing part number VW3 M5 101 Rxx (( where xx - 15, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, 750 ) 15 = 1.5 m; 30 -=3 m, 100 -=10 m length and so on shall be used.

The above have the motor side connectors pre-made but come with a free end on the drive side. A Pheonix connector will need to be made for the drive end of the power cable and a DB15 type connector for the drive end of the feedback cable to use it with a Lexium 17/15 drive.

The above motors are not plug-in replacements.  BPH0953N5MA2CA1 is a resolver based motor whereas the BMH motors are Encoder based motors.  Further there may be shaft and mounting hole differences and hence it may be necessary to adapt the load accordingly. It must also be noted that since the thermistor used on the BMH motors are not compatible with Lexium 15/17 drives, there is no possibility of the over-temperature monitoring when using these BMH motors with Lexium 15/17 drives.
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