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Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.2 install failing at the Verify Databases and Configure SQL Server steps on non-English version of SQL

PME7.2.2 install fails on steps 'Verify Databases' and 'Configure SQL server'

Product Line
PME 7.2.2

PME7.2.2 installation

If PME 7.2.2 is installed on a system that is using a non-English version of SQL Server 2012, the Installer will display red X's on these two steps:
1. Verifying Databases
2. Configuring SQL Server
This occurs because, beginning with SQL Server 2012, some of the SQL Server Installer outputs are now translated into the language of the SQL Server edition, where in older versions of SQL Server, these outputs were all in English.
The PME Installer checks for the English words 'Update Complete'. Since this string is now translated, the check does not succed, which in turn halts the install.

1. Copy the contents of PME DVD to the local hard drive.
2. Open the file \setup\brokerfragements\ for editing with notepad or any comparable software.
3. Replace all instances of 'update complete' with 'end of post-deployment stage'
4. Save the file
5. Run the PME Installer from the local hard drive.

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