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What CM2000 Datalogs are supported in ION Enterprise?

Data logs greater than 5 on the CM2000 series are not showing up in ION/SPM/PME.

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ION Enterprise, Struxureware Power Monitoring Expert

Log Setup on CM2000 series meters. 

Data Log 14
Onboard data log 14 is reserved for MV90 logging. This will allow an MV90 specific application to use this log without any possibility of conflict with ION/SPM/PME.

Data Logs 5-13
Onboard data logs 5 through 13 are not to be supported by ION/SPM/PME.  Generally, there is only enough RAM available on the device for 2-3 logs.  By not supporting logs 5-13, the need to check to see if these logs are active and allow the user to configure logging that will not be picked up by ION/SPM/PME.

There is no workaround for this. Will have to use logs 1-4 on the CM2000 series meters for data logging. 
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