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What causes Concept error "1300 Object not found in database" when opening a project?

   Error message is displayed when opening a Concept project.

Product Line:
   Concept programming software

   The project (or DFB) was created with another version of Concept.

    The problem may be with the configuration database.  Check your configuration within your project to make sure it is valid. 


  -Project (or DFB) created with another version of Concept
  -See if analyze is exceeding the number of warning messages that are set in <options><preferences>.  
       If necessary, turn off ‘show warning messages’
  - Is the correct Concept package being used:  For example,  you must use XL for a Quantum PLC.
  - Delete the project's .Q1 & .Q2 pointer files and reopen the project.
  - If there are loadables and make sure they are in the c:\concept\DAT folder.
  - Is Concept running on a Server?

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