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How to completely uninstall Vijeo Look v2.6?

How to completely uninstall Vijeo Look v2.6?

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Vijeo Look



1- Uninstall Vijeo Look.
2- Restart the machine.
3- Enter the registry base. (type "regedit" in the "run" menu)
Then enter  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Schneider electric/ and delete the VijeoLook folder.
4- In C:/Program files/Schneider electric/VijeoLook/program/, delete the file "VLAuthorizeV26s.dat" file if it exists.
5- In C:/WINNT (or windows if XP) / delete the file called "1xxxxxs" (xxxxx are 5 digits. The file can be named 164994s for instance. 4 KB, no extension)
6- Restart the PC and verify if steps 3 to 5 were correctly done and if the files really are deleted.
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