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How to solve the Somove (version 2.0) connection error with Altivar series VFD and Tesys T?

Step by step procedure to check the connection problem with VFD to Somove Software.
1. It is recommended to use the Somove software version 1.9.2 or 2.0 or latest available in Schneider web site.
2. You can use the connection cable TCSMCNAM3M002P for connecting the Altivar VFD or Tesys T with Somove software
3. Connect the TCSMCNAM3M002P cable in any of the USB port in your PC / Laptop
4. Go to PC start ---> Control Panel ---> Device manager --->Port (COM). It should show TXSCUSB485(COM3) as shown in screen shot below.

5. If  COM 3 is assigned for other purpose, the cable also can be assigned to any of the COM port as shown screen shot below.

6. Go to PC start ---> Control Panel ---> Driver manager --->Modbus Serial Driver ---> (1)Configuration. The setting should be as shown in screen shot below.

7. Open Somove software form start ---> Click on Edit Connection ---> Press Modbus Serial ---> Press Advanced Setting ----> check the settings are as shown in screen shot below.

8. The Scan mode should be Monopoint as shown in screen shot below.

9. Connect the  TCSMCNAM3M002P cable RJ45 connector in RJ45 port available in VFD or Tesys T. Switch ON the power supply and control control supply to the VFD / Tesys T
10. Somove ---> Edit Connection ---> Scan Netowrk - You will find the VFD or Tesys T connected with Somove as shown in the screen shot below.

11. Select the VFD or Tesys T displayed in screen and presses "Connect". Now the VFD or Tesys T will get connected with Somove to do the programming and monitoring.

Above screen shot shows the VFD is connected with Somove Lite software and now you will be able to do configure, operate and monitor the VFD form your PC through Somove.
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