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A Non admin user (STANDARD WINDOWS USER) is not able to launch the Ecodial application

Problem In some cases, a non admin user (STANDARD WINDOWS USER) is not able to launch the Ecodial application. The system prompts for an admin username and password. This makes the application unusable for a non admin user on the system.
However, for an admin user the application works fine.
Cause: The problem is with a 3rd party component and Live Update component not working with .Net Framework 3.5.
Applies to: Ecodial 4.4 SP1 and above on Win 7 x86, Win 7 x64
Resolution: *** Please note that since we are not supporting Windows XP anymore, the fix will not work for Windows XP users***
The issue is resolved by upgrading and recompiling the component's DLL to .NET Framework 4.5
Standalone install:
1.     Upgrade the system to .NET Framework 4.5
a.     This is an optional step  as the patch will upgrade the system to .NET Framework 4.5 ( included as part of the installer)
2.     Install the new installer with fix patch
a.     Since the user is a non admin user, only a admin user on the PC can install the software
Live Update install:
1.     Launch the application via an admin user
2.     Download the latest patch
3.     Install the new patch
Patch Availability: Stand along installer
Live Update
Patch Availability Date: 6/Oct/2014 : General patch availability, Ecodial 4.4 BE and Ecodial 4.4 NL
For other countries, Please request a patch for your country by contacting Ecodial Localization team
Patch Deployment: Please upload the new installer of Ecodial (which comes with the patch) on Schneider Web site.
Also, ask the localization team to make it available via Live Update for the country version
Known Limitations:  
Will not work for Windows XP users.
With the fix provided, the non admin user will be able to work with the Ecodial application but will not get any new Live Update notifications.
Since the component has a dependency to a third party control which needs to be fixed first before Ecodial, we are waiting for them to provide the fix. As soon as we have the fix ready, we will release another patch.
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