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What is the replacement part number for Lexium 05 drive bearing part number LXM05BD10M2?

Issue: Replacement part / revised part number

Product Line: Lexium 05

Environment: None

Cause: Part number no longer available on the system for sale

 LXM05 product range is EOL and there is no direct replacement. A corresponding drive from the corresponding product range LXM32 needs to be used. If the motor that is being used with the LXM05 is a BSHxx, depending on the build date, there may be a need to update the encoder to make it compatible with Lexium 32. The encoder cable used with LXM 05 would need an adapter (p/n - VW3M8111R10) for 12 pin molex to RJ45 to be used with LXM32 . Alternatively, you could buy an Encoder cable that is offered with the Lxm32 range to connect the BSH motor encoder to the Lexium 32 (p/n - VW3M8102Rxx ) where xx is the length of the cable.

The corresponding part number to replace a LXM05BD10M2 will be a LXM32MU90M2.  This is a modular drive and will support the Fieldbus communication. The Profibus option card VW3A3607 must be ordered as well for use with this drive. However some programming changes are expected depending on how the LXM05B has been programmed. It is not a plug in replacement.
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