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Audible Alarms do not work in PowerSCADA Expert 7.30 Web Client

Audible Alarms do not work in PowerSCADA Expert 7.30 Web Client

When an alarm occurs in PSE 7.3, it has no sound when triggered even though it is configured as an audible alarm. 

Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert 7.3
PowerSCADA Expert 7.3 SR1

PowerSCADA Expert 7.3 Web Client

There is an issue in the cicode files ( and of the PLS_Include project which restricts this feature from working in the Web Client.

Manually modify the and cicode files using the following steps to allow audible alarms in the web client.
These cicode files can be found in "C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\PowerSCADA Expert 7.30\User\PLS_Include" or by expanding PLS_Include then selecting Cicode Files in Citect Explorer.

- Open in the PLS_Include project.
- Change _OEM_Startup() function by removing PLSAlmSound_Startup(); and replacing with TabAlarmSnd_Start();
- Save and close

- Open
- Change _TabAlarmSnd_CheckAlarm() function by adding the following just after priority = AlarmActive(2);

IF AlarmActive(1) = 0 THEN
priority = -1;
Save and Close

After making the changes listed above, recompile the project. (Be sure to recompile with the "Incremental Compile" checkbox unchecked in Project Editor > Tools > Options)
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