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What does this Micom hex error code mean?

The relay is displaying an error code in hexidecimal format on the front panel LCD screen. There is no other information provided by the relay which indicates the cause of this error.

Product Line
MiCOM Px40

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Microsoft Office Excel 97 or higher version

The relay includes a number of self-monitoring functions to check the operation of its hardware and software when it is in service. These are included so that if an error or fault occurs within the relay’s hardware or software, the relay is able to detect and report the problem and attempt to resolve it by performing a re-boot. This involves the relay being out of service for a short period of time which is indicated by the ‘Healthy’ LED on the front of the relay being extinguished and the watchdog contact at the rear operating. If the restart fails to resolve the problem, then the relay will take itself permanently out of service. Again this will be indicated by the "out of service" LED and watchdog contact.

If a problem is detected by the self-monitoring functions, the relay attempts to store a maintenance record in battery backed-up SRAM to allow the nature of the problem to be notified to the user.

The self-monitoring is implemented in two stages: firstly a thorough diagnostic check which is performed when the relay is booted-up, e.g. at power-on, and secondly a continuous self-checking operation which checks the operation of the relay’s critical functions whilst it is in service.

The attached spreadsheets are a collection of the most common error codes. Look up the error code indicated on the relay front panel LCD and read the associated error description.
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