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There is no CANOpen communication between my M251 / M241 and my slaves. What can I do ?

When used as master with CANOpen slaves, M241 and M251 must be switched on first.
During 2 seconds after applying +24V power supply on these controllers, CANOpen line is pulled low and this can disturb CANOpen slaves on the line.
Then CANOpen slaves must be switched on at least 2 seconds later.

Another way to obtain a satisfying behaviour is to switch on slaves and controller together, then only switch off and on slaves which are not able to communicate correctly.
These slaves will work properly then.

M241 and M251 controllers with following marking (and above) do not have this behaviour and can be switched on at any time:
TM241CEC24R: PV2 RL2
TM241CEC24T: PV2 RL3
TM241CEC24U: PV2 RL3
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