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How do I run ION Setup without Windows admin rights?

A user wants to run ION Setup without having admin rights on their Windows user account. This is a common security requirement of workstations on company networks.

Product Line:
ION Setup 3.0

Windows Directory Security 

ION Setup is designed to require admin rights. It is possible to provide a non admin user the required privileges for a particular folder that will allow ION Setup to function correctly.

The latest version of ION Setup 3.0 requires that a user with Administrator access needs to initially install the application. ION Setup does not support UAC (user account control) so UAC will not prompt the user.

Once ION Setup is installed, the installation files will be split into two separate folder locations. You can view the location of the ION Setup Config folder from Tools -> Options within ION Setup.

All non-writeable files will be placed in a standard Program Files location where any user with read access will be able to access those files. Secondly, all writeable files will be placed into a User data location. This is typically a hidden folder and may require special permissions to be written to depending on the IT policy in place.

If a user is having a problem trying to run ION Setup after it has been installed they may need to modify the folder permissions on this directory to allow their Windows user to read and write to this directory.

This can usually be seen in the registry location key of UserDir as shown below. To find this key, load up the Registry Editor and follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Schneider Electric\ION Setup\3.0 . If you do not have access to the registry, then your local IT department will need to assist.

Use Windows explorer to go to the specified location, and right-click on any existing file located in that folder. The pop-up context menu will have a “Properties” option, and after selecting that, and click on the Security tab as shown in the image below.

Highlight the user in the upper box (“Group or user names”), and make sure that the user has full control rights. If not, they will need to have someone with admin access grant those rights to that folder (and all sub-folders) to that user.

Certain versions of ION Setup (versions prior to V3.0, or early V3.0 versions) will attempt to put all the files into the standard Program Files location, and most IT departments restrict that folder to admin level only.
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