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How to read the entire configuration file from BMOT201 module to a PC?

Title :Reading the Configuration File from a BMOT Motion Module
Issue: When replacing a BMOT module, it becomes necessary to transfer the configuration file from the existing one to the current module.

Product Line: Compact Motion

Environment : MMDS

Cause: Not applicable


This procedure details how to read a configuration filefrom a BMOT Motion module into a PC.

Using MMDS,

From Main Menu

Select F5 - File Transfers

Connect to the Motion Module

You will now see a split window.

The Projects in the Computer will be listed on the left hand side window. Select the project, go to the module level and you should now see a default configuration file that was created when you made the module. If there is no project, you will need to create one using the Project Development Manager.

On the Program window below you will see Function Keys.

F7 is for Read Config. ( same as uploading from the module)

Press F7

It will ask you for a File Name <Enter> It has a default ,CFG extension.

It will now ask you for a Template Name - this is optional. Unless you have created a specific template which will upload only those parameters, not providing a template name will upload all the parameters. So simply press <Enter> if you do not to use a template.

Press Enter again to execute the READ Config operation. (a.k.a. upload from module). This completes uploading the configuration file from the Motion module.

The configuration file can be viewed/edited as needed using the Program Development Menu.
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