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Vista - Changing Dial Display Range and Ticks

User wants to change range and tick marks of the Full and Partial Dial Displays in Vista. 

Product Line
ION Enterprise
Struxureware Power Monotoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME, PME7)

Configuring dial objects in Vista.

Dials are by default set to a range of 0 to 2000.

1. Open Vista.exe and navigate to the desired diagram. 
2. At the top, click options then make sure 'Show Toolbox' option is selected.

3. Right click on the dial to open up the object configuration.

4. Click on the Display tab at the top and right click on the preview window at the bottom right.

5. On the Meter Parameters window, change the Range and Ticks to the preferred values and click Ok.

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