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What features does the trial license for PME 7.2.x and 8.x include and can it be renewed after 90 days?

What features are included with the 90 day trial license for PME and can the trial license can be renewed after 90 days.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.x

Power Monitoring Expert Trial License Features

PME includes a 90-day trial license for all features of the product. You must activate valid purchased software licenses within 90 days, or some software functionality is disabled.
The PME Trial License has the following limitations:
  • Vista and Designer can be opened on the primary server only, not on a client.
  • The trial license remains active until its expiry even if other licenses have been activated.
  • The trial license aggregates together with other active licenses.
  • The trial license includes OPC Server and Billing Module features. The PME base license does not include these features.
The PME Trial License cannot be reinstalled, and once deleted, it cannot be reinstated. See "Appendix D: Removing the Trial License" on page 20 of attached licensing guide for details. Once the trial license has expired it is not possible for the trial licence to be reactivated or renewed. See FA278982 for information about what happens once the license runs out.

NOTE: The PME 7.2.x Trial License had a 10 device limit, however, the PME 8.x Trial License has no device limit (unlimited devices can be added). When upgrading an existing 7.2.x system to 8.x, a new 8.x Trial License will NOT be given.

The features that are included with the trial version of PME can also be confirmed in Management Console. Click on "Help -> About" in the task bar and a window showing all Trial Modules will appear:

Please refer to the PME Licensing Guide FA225923
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