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How can I set a Modicon M340/M580 clockusing Unity Pro V13?

There is essentially 3 ways to setup the Modicon M340 RTC.  

1- Configuration screen in Unity Pro
2-The %S50 system bit
3-The WRTC Function Blocks..

Procedure for using the %S50 system bit.

1-set to 0: update of system words %SW50 to %SW53 by the date and time supplied by the PLC real-time clock.
2-set to 1: system words %SW50 to %SW53 are no longer updated, therefore making it possible to modify them.
3-The switch from 1 to 0 updates the real-time clock with the values entered in words %SW50 to %SW53

Procedure for using the WRTC Function Block:
Set the Time and Date in the input array of the WRTC.  ARRAY[0..3] OF INT
Array[0]:  16#SS00
Array[1]:  16#HHMM
Array[2]:  16#MMDD
Array   16#YYYY
Toggle the EN input on the WRTC and the Array[0..3] data gets copy to %SW50-%SW53 RTC.
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