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How to increase the number of available serial connections in ION Setup above 16?

Published date: 14 March 2019

When attempting to connect to a serial device in ION Setup a user receives the message: ‘Serial port not available’.
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ION Setup
ION Setup Serial Connections
By default ION Setup supports 16 serial connections and 240 TCP connections. (TCP connections are defined as sites where one can have, say 10 Ethernet devices, connected to a single Ethernet site which will not be counted as 10 TCP connections).
This default division between serial and TCP connections can be controlled by modifying a setting located in the IONSETUP.INI file. Please change the ‘SerialPorts’ to the desired number from 16. Save the change before exiting the file.

You can locate the directory that contains the IONSETUP.ini file by opening ION Setup and selecting "Tools -> Options -> Directories"   
The "Config Directory" file path is where the IONSETUP.ini file is located.

Change the value from 16 to 17 to gain an additional serial port.
Please note, the serial port number increment will take place in expense of TCP ports. So, if we increase the serial connections to 17, there will be 239 TCP connections available.

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