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Error Code 1 ( key 1 ) displayed on SEPAM

You can find this information in our document SEPED303003EN - 01/2013 also available by help function in the the SFT 2841
I send you in attachment this extract of our document.
Below some information about the Key 1
Key 1 means :
MAJOR fault: Sepam is in fail-safe position
ON LED of UMI on in front LED of UMI on in front or LED of DSM303 remote advanced UMI flashing green LED on rear panel on red LED on rear panel on
Major faults are only cleared after the cause of the fault is corrected and Sepam is switched on again.
Note : The list of self-tests which place Sepam in the fail-safe position can be found in the Control and monitoring functions section of the Sepam series 80 function user's manual , reference SEPED303001EN.
Connection cannot be made with SFT2841
Possible cause Action / remedy
Memory cartridge absent. Switch off Sepam. Install the memory cartridge and secure it by tightening the 2 integrated screws. Switch Sepam on again
Fault message on display: major fault Major internal fault. Change base unit (see page 164).
Connection can be made with SFT2841
Possible cause Action / remedy
SFT2841 indicates major fault, but no missing module: Base unit internal fault.
Change base unit. Memory cartridge not compatible with version of the base unit (see below). Note the version using the SFT2841 software, Diagnosis screen.
Contact the local support team. The hardware configuration is incorrect or incomplete. Use the SFT2841 software, in connected mode, to determine the cause.
The SFT2841 Diagnosis screen displays the missing items in red (see table below).
Check on hardware configuration using SFT2841
Diagnosis screen Possible cause Action / remedy
CCA630, CCA634, CCA671 or CCA640 connector in B1 or B2 position displayed in red. Connector absent. Install a connector. If the connector is present, check that it is plugged in correctly and held in place by the 2 screws. LPCT sensors not connected. Connect the LPCT sensors. Connector in position E displayed in red. Connector E unplugged or no jumper between terminals 19 and 20. Plug in connector E.
Fit the jumper. MES120 module in H1, H2 or H3 position displayed in red.
MES120 module absent. Install MES120 module. If the MES120 module is present, check that it is plugged in correctly and held in place by the 2 screws.
If the fault is still present, replace the module.
Fault message displayed if cartridge is not compatible.
Rules on compatibility between the cartridge and the base unit
The major index of the base-unit version must be greater than or equal to the major
index of the cartridge-application version.
Example: The base unit with a version V1.05 (major index = 1) and an application
with a version V2.00 (major index = 2) are not compatible.
If this rule is not observed, a major fault occurs and Sepam displays the message

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