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CM4000 - Phase Order Label Shows "512" in Vista

When viewing the Diagnostic Tab of a CM4000 in Vista, the Phase Order shows a value of "512.0".

Product Line:
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x

Vista Diagrams

CM4000 meters that have their Phase Order set to CBA will incorrectly display 512.0 instead of "CBA". Meters that have the Phase Order set to ABC, correctly display ABC in Vista. This is due to an issue with the CM4000 driver that incorrectly returns the numeric value of the 9th bit from register 403227, rather than a boolean 0 or 1. 

A simple modification to the CM4000.xml file will allow Vista to display the Phase Order for CBA meters. 

1) Navigate to the \\system\translators folder and open the CM4000.xml file in Notepad. 
2) Find the following section of code:
<ModbusInfo IONHandle="30724" Name="PM1 PhaseOrder" ModbusAddress="403227" RequestType="R" Format="MaskedBool" Mask="0x0200">
<Enumeration Ordinal="0" Value="ABC"/>
<Enumeration Ordinal="1" Value="CBA"/>

3) Change <Enumeration Ordinal="1" Value="CBA"/> to <Enumeration Ordinal="512" Value="CBA"/> 
4) Save the file and close Notepad. 

Meters that are set to CBA Phase Rotation should now correctly display the CBA in the Diagnostic Tab in Vista. 

*Note: It may be necessary to restart the ION Site Server service, but in most cases simply saving the CM4000.xml file will allow the change to take affect. 
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