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How is remote device connection health monitored using the BMXNOC0401 module?

The BMXNOC0401 Ethernet communication module can support up to 128 connections to remote devices. The health of each connection is represented in a single bit value. A health bit value of:
 1 indicates the connection is active
 0 indicates the connection is inactive

A Derived Data Type variable is automatically created when you add a BMXNOC0401 module to your project.
You can use this DDT variable to view the state of each connection to remote EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP devices.
 Health is displayed in the form of a HEALTH_BIT array consisting of 32 bytes with each connection represented by a single bit.
 - a bit value of 1 indicates the connection is healthy
 - a bit value of 0 indicates the connection is lost, or the module can no longer communicate with the remote device

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