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How to use TSXISPY101 calibration by program?

Goals and Symptoms
Enhancement has been done to the TSXISPY101 module from version V2.2 (since CPU V2.6 and Unity V6.0) to enable some advanced functions about the calibration by program. In particular the soft and forced calibration.  
This resolution aims at giving all information and examples on how you deal with the calibration by program.            

Causes and Fixes    
You will find hereafter in attachment a generic example on how you perform a calibration. There’s a section you can import in your application when you display functional view of your project. This section brings you the complete process about the calibration standard, soft and forced: for that, you have just to use operator screens and all information you need is included inside . Launch the calibration menu and then you can navigate under dedicated operator screens.
The ZIP file also contains a ZEF file you use in UnityPro directly: Calibration section has already been imported in this project.
There is 2 different functional view depending of the CPU used (One for a CPU premium and another for a CPU M580)
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