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How do I calibrate screen for the Magelis XBTGT / HMIGTO / HMIGTU ?

If you go into the runtime configuration manager of the HMI and under the system tab, there is an option called stylus. Touch the stylus button to begin stylus adjustment with a series of six prompts that display in a counterclockwise sequence on the screen.

1)  When the first cross point displays in the top-left corner of the panel, press the center of the cross where the cross hairs intersect. The cross will disappear and the second cross will display.

2) Touch each of the five remaining crosses as they appear in a counterclockwise sequence.
  • When you touch the Stylus, you must touch the center of each cross mark. If you do not touch the cross-hairs cursor, calibration will not complete successfully.
  • The Stylus calibration will complete successfully when you touch all six cross marks, in sequence, from the first cross at the top-left corner of the panel to the sixth cross at the top-center position.
3) When the Stylus calibration is complete, touch the To Run Mode button to close the Vijeo-Designer Runtime Configuration Menu and restart runtime.


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