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What does "Missing Input Class Information" error indicate in ION Setup?

A user receives a “Missing Input Class Information” error while trying to upload a .dcf  file (template) from one type of ION meter to another.
Example: The user is trying to upload the ION 8500 meter template (.dcf file) into an ION 8650A and he/she is getting the “missing input class information” error.
Product line:
ION Setup 2.x and 3.x
ION meters

ION meter configuration
This error message indicates a problem with insufficient user rights.
If the user is getting this error while uploading the .dcf file, first ensure they are using the latest version of ION Setup. The latest version of ION Setup can be found on
Once you verify they have latest version of ION Setup, have them open the ION Setup directory path by following the steps below:
-        Open ION Setup and Click on Tools -> Options.
-        Navigate to the directory listed in the "Config Directory:" field.
-        Right click on the "ION Setup" folder and verify that the Logged in Windows user has Full Control rights over the folder.
  • If the current user does not have full control, then user will see the “missing input class information” error.
After verifying that the logged in Windows user has full control over the ION Setup directory, the user will be able to upload the .dcf file successfully.
NOTE: In order to see which templates can be uploaded to an ION 8650 meter, please refer to article FA212410.  
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