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What can cause an OC3P fault on the ATV21 and ATV212 drives?

S-Flex 212 drive is going into 0C3P fault on power up.  What can cause this to happen?

Product Line:
Altivar 21, 212, S-flex

Any 21, 212 and S-Flex

Drive is detecting a ground short or a motor short circuit on the output of the drive.

-OC3P= means you are getting a ground fault.  Its as short circuit  or ground fault during constant speed operation.
-Troubleshooting Tips:
-Try turning off the OPL F605= 0 and running the drive open circuit at 20hz 40hz and 60hz. Using a Fluke digital RMS meter measure the output voltage from the drive to see if they are balanced at each level.
If the drives output voltages are ok
-Try dropping the motor leads and megger out the motor leads and cables with a 1KV megger.
Check your grounding connections
- Double check all of you motor parameters settings in the drive.

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