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Why does the IP address on a PM8ECC change to


The PM8ECC IP address changes to "" and the (default) gateway changes to "".




This issue is happening because of the permission right while writing to conditional registers.

One possible reason why this specific IP address ( is chosen is that the IP Address register is located at register number 622. 
The hex equivalent breakdown of the IP is as follows: 
2 = 2 hex 
109 = 6D hex 
26D hex = 621 dec 
2 = 2 hex 
110 = 6E hex 
26E hex = 622 dec 

Note: the IP register is at address 622.


To resolve the issue upgrade the OS firmware to 12.5 or higher.

Access to firmware upgrade instructions, including a how-to video and a link to the latest firmware can be found at:

If only the firmware is required, it can be downloaded directly from:


1) Using a internet browser navigate to
2) select Support, then Download Center from the Green menu bar
3) type "PM800 Series V12.500 Firmware" into the search bar and click on the Search button
4) click on the "PM800 Series V12.500 Firmware" link presented in the search results
5) click on the Download button to start the download and save the file

Note: Also by entering only PM800 and/or keyword search criteria into the search bar, you be find wide variety of PM800 related documents.

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