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ION Meters capture waveform of 14 cycles with 128 samples/cycle even when set to different formats

ION Meters that have been set to capture waveforms in different formats ( 32*54, 512*4 etc) still capture wavefroms with 128*14.

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Waveform capture
Ion Setup

ION meters are set to capture waveforms with 128 samples/cycle for 14 cycles when the meter is set in "Demo Mode".  

The meter will capture waveform with the format specified once the meter's "Volts Mode" is changed from "Demo" to the relevant system type. This can be done as follows:

1. Using Ion Setup :
     a. Connect to the meter using relevant communication parameters.
     b. Once, communication is established, open "Setup Assistant" from the right pane of Ion Setup.
     c. Navigate to Basic Setup---> PT/CT Ratios---> PM1 Volts Mode.
     d. Highlight "PM1 Volts Mode" and click Edit to change the mode.

2. Using Front Panel:
     a. Press the "Prog" key from the front panel to open setup menu.
     b. Press the "prog" key once "Basic setup" is highlighted in setup menu.
     c. Press the "prog" key again on "PT/CT setup".
     d. Press the rectangular button corresponding to "mode". Use the Up/Down arrow keys to move from the "demo" option to the relevant system type and then press the "Prog" key again.
     e. Use the "Esc" key to navigate back to the real time data screen.

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