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Power Monitoring Expert -- How do permissions work in Dashboards

How do Power Monitoring Expert permissions work in the Dashboards section of web applications.

Product Line
PME 7.0.1
PME 7.2
PME 8.0
PME 8.1

Web applications dashboards

Power Monitoring Expert allows different levels of access in that a login/password combination is mapped to an access level - observer, user,  operator, controller or supervisor. 
The way the access levels work in Dashboards may not be what is expected.

The following clarification is offered:
A supervisor cannot modify dashboards created by another user, even if the dashboard was created by a lower level user.
Only the owner/creator of the dashboard can modify it. A supervisor can, however, delete a dashboard created by a lower level user.

In PME version 7.2 and SPM 7.0.1 a supervisor cannot delete any dashboard that was created by another supervisor.
Only the supervisor account that created the dashboard can delete it.

IN PME version 8.0 and all subsequent versions, any supervisor can delete dashboards made by users of any access level. 

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