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If SQL Server Express is to be installed, the PME installer assigns a random "sa" user account password in Power Monitoring Expert software

When installing Power Monitoring Expert 7.2 version and newer with SQL Server Express, we don't have a record of "sa" user account password.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2 and newer

SQL Server Express

Power Monitoring Expert installer assigns a unique, random SQL Server "sa" user account password to improve product security when choosing the 'Install SQL Server Express' option.
This is something new in Power Monitoring Expert 7.2. Prior to PME 7.2, the installer would use a pre-determined "sa" user account password on all customer systems.

If you need to reset the "sa" user account password to something that you know, this is easily done with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Simply log in to SSMS using Windows Authentication (Windows user must have Administrator privilages to be able to login and authenticate correctly).
Navigate to the Security folder under Databases and open the Logins folder. Right click on sa, choose properties, and change the password to whatever you want.
You do not need to enter the existing "sa" user account password to change it to something new.

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