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ENM installer fails on "Creating ION Enterprise stored procedure for Alarm Sentry"

ENM installer fails on step "creating ION Enterprise stored procedure for Alarm Sentry" with the error "#ENS_ErrorInstallingScript" on standalone system OR with error "#ENS_ErrorSettingConnectionString" for a database instance on a distributed system as shown below:

Product Line
Event Notification Module 8.2

Distributed instance of ENM
Standalone instance of ENM

Cause 1
During the installation process, the installer copies SQL scripts to a folder labeled "DatabaseScripts" located in a folder where ENM is being installed.
For example; If ENM is being installed on C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\Struxtureware Solutions\DatabseScripts.

The installer is not able to run the script "DatabasesTAGCreateIONProc.sql".

Cause 2
ENM Install fails to connect to the ION DBs when attempting to run the "DatabasesTAGCreateIONProc.sql" script.  
This failure to connect is due to the Windows user running the install not having access to the ION DBs.  
There is a issue with the installer which always attempts to use Windows Auth to connect to the ION DBs even when SQL authentication credentials are provided.  When the installer asks for Database credentials, it only uses those credentials to create the ENM DBs.

If the same Windows user is used to install PME and ENM then this should not be an issue.

Resolution 1
1. Unable to run the script could be an issue with domain administrator permissions OR the file being missing from the original location. 
     a. If the folder "Database Scripts" is missing the "DatabsesTAGCreateIONProc.sql" script :
         i. Copy the entire contents of the disc to the local hard drive. Run the installer, remove the existing partial installation. 
         ii. Rerun the installer and install a fresh copy of ENM.

     b. If the script cannot be run due to permissions issue :
         i. Create a new temporary local user with administrative privileges on the server computer.
         ii. Log off the existing user and log back in with the new local user created. 
         iii. Rerun the installer

Resolution 2

1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the desired SQL instance.
2. Under Security\Logins find or create the current Windows User. Right click on the user and go to properties.
3. On the General Tab ensure Windows Authentication is checked.
4. On the Server Roles Tab ensure Public and SysAdmin are checked.
5. On the User Mapping Tab check all the ION DBs( ION_Data, ION_Network, ION_Systemlog) and enter the Windows user in the User column and "dbo" in the Default Schema Column in the top section.
         In the bottom section make sure db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_ddladmin, and public are check for each ION DB.
6.  On the Securables Tab add the Sql Server Instance to the top field and ensure 'Connect SQL' is checked in the bottom field.
7.  On the Status Tab ensure 
         Permission to connect to database engine: Grant 
         Login: Enable
     are selected.
8. Click "OK" on the user properties tab and exit out of SQL Server Management Studio. 
9. You may need to Log out and back into Windows. Retry the ENM install.

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