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DLF-3000 Error Codes

An error occurs during a firmware upgrade using DLF-3000

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The descriptions of the error codes are listed below

DLF-3000 firmware upgrade

The following is a list of communication errors.
The following errors are generated by the ModBus/TCP Ethernet communications driver when problems occur trying to communicate with devices through an Ethernet Communications Module (ECM) or with other ModBus/TCP devices.

Code      Description
501 General network error occurred in winsock.dll (see CsInfo.log for more information).
502 Connection attempt timeout
503 Connection broken
504 Connection attempt failed
505 The specified timeout value for the connection is invalid.
506 General MODBUS error (see CsInfo.log for more information).
507 Function code is invalid
508 The address specified for the device is invalid
509 The value for the data is invalid
510 Slave device returned illegal packet size
511 Acknowledge
512 Slave device busy
513 Negative acknowledgment
514 Memory parity error
515 MODBUS + gateway path unavailable
516 Device failed to respond
517 Operation buffer create failed – Out of memory
518 Port object not found
519 N/A
520 Connection set out of service

Error Code List for DLF Serial Driver

Code Description
600 - Timeout The slave device timed out.
601 - Badmsg A bad message was received from the device. Usually caused by receiving the incorrect number of bytes in a packet from the device.
602 - Badxsum Checksum is not what was expected from the device.
603 - Bad channel Received a message from the device, but it wasn’t correct. Usually caused by receiving several 601 errors.
604 - No modem connection Unable to establish a modem connection when using a modem.
605 - Comm port error This is a serious error; the com port is busy or out of service, and the driver tries to send something to or retrieve something from it.
606 - Device not responding Device does not respond to request.
607 - Illegal function The MODBUS/Jbus device does not support the function requested.
608 - Illegal data address MODBUS /Jbus error; an address is being accessed that is not allowable from the slave, or does not support the function code for that address.
609 - Illegal data value MODBUS /Jbus error; the value in the query data field is not an allowable value for the slave.
610 - Illegal response length MODBUS /Jbus error that indicates the request would generate a response whose size exceeds the available MODBUS /Jbus data size of 123 registers.
611 - Acknowledge Specialized use for MODBUS /Jbus. This error is not commonly seen.
612 - Slave device busy Specialized use for MODBUS /Jbus. This error is not commonly seen.
613 - Negative acknowledge Specialized use for MODBUS /Jbus. This error is not commonly seen.
614 - Memory parity error For MODBUS /Jbus file uploads and downloads, this error indicates that the extended file area failed to pass a consistency check.
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