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PowerLogic SCADA Software Protection Failure No key found or no license available from network

Issue: When logging into a PL SCADA session using a remote desktop connection (mstsc \admin) the Runtime manager will not start and the graphics page crashes with the following error message: Software Protection Failure No key found or no license available from network

Cause: This issue may be caused by PL SCADA running as a service.

Resolution: If PLSCADA is running as a service you will not able to open another instance of the Runtime Project. The only instance that may is open will be displayed as running as host 0 instance.  If an attempt is made to open another instance of the project, it  will not run.   All of the Citect32.exe processes  will shutdown shortly after starting. Another symptom will be that you can see some meter values but not able to see circuit breaker status's or one line status's.   If you are unsure as to whether or not SCADA is running as a service open the Windows Task Manager and note how many processes are running for Citect.exe. You can select to show Session ID in task manger to see under what session the citect32.exe are running under.  This can be accomplished by navigating to 'View>Select Columns' in Task Manager.  If you notice any Citect32.exe running in session 0 this means that Runtime Project is running as a Service.   You will also see an icon on the desktop labeled 'PLScada Runtime Service' as well as a Service named 'Citect Auto Start'.  Should you need to see the Runtime Environment you can select the 'PLscada Runtime Service' Icon on the desktop and select to be take to the Session ID 0 if the project is already running.  If the Project is not running it will not take you to the Runtime Project so you will need to manually start the 'Citect Auto Start Service'.  If you only need to access the project you can always use the web client instead of opening another instance of the Runtime Project.
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