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What does the wrench error or tool light represent on a VAMP 321 arc flash mitigation relay?

Issue: Wrench error or Tool light is on

Resolution: The wrench error light can represent several issues:
1. Arc sensors or I/O modules are programmed in the VAMP321 but are not present.
2. Internal fault in the VAMP321 itself

If the wrench error light is on check the diagnostics from the front face of the Vamp321. To do this press (you may also press and hold) the down arrow until you have selected Diag. This will provide you with a Self Diagnositc, Code 1 and Code 2. Most commonly the Code 1 and/or Code 2 provide useful information as to the cause of the fault.
For instance if Code 1 displays Arc Sensor this indicates that a previously programmed sensor isn't present or it is faulty. To determine which press the up arrow until Arc is selected. Press the OK button then scroll down until you see Clear at this point press the "i" button > press OK > this will request a password the default password for edits is 2 > once this is entered press OK. This will take you back to the Clear selection > Press OK > Select Clear and press OK. This will reset all of the Arc Sensors and I/O units for the VAMP 321.
Once this completes (noted by InstState set to Ready) scroll up to Install > Press OK > Select Install > Press OK. This will reinstall all of the I/O units and Arc Sensors that are connected to the unit.
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