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How to load a CID file into a VAMP protection relay

Issue: Need to load a CID file into a VAMP relay

Resolution: Once the CID file is created for the VAMP relay (typically using VAMP SCD Editor) you must connect to the Vamp relay using VAMPSet. Once connected to the relay with VAMPSet click Communication > Configure with SCD File.
If you have multiple CID files they will typically be in an SCD file. You will need to locate the SCD file then click open, this will open a list of all of the devices in the SCD file choose the correct device then click open. This will load that CID file into the Vamp Relay.
In certain instances a file will fail to load from the SCD file. In order to load the CID file you must export the CID file from the SCD file using the VAMP SCD Editor. To do this open the SCD file then click Export IIS/CID... this will export the CID file for a single device. Now go back to VAMPSet click Communication > Configure with SCD File > change the file type to all files > Locate the CID file > Click open > select the device > Click open. This will load the file into the relay.

If loading multiple relays, a common issue is overlooking the TCP protocol. When loading a CID file the TCP protocol for the 1st or 2nd instance must be set to IEC61850. This is accessible from the Protocol Configuration menu selection. When connecting to more than one relay VAMPset the menu structure will not be read and you must write the TCP protocol to the device.
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