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BMXCRA312x0: incompatibility of some EF of communication with Quantum 140CRP31200

Goals and Symptoms       
To support full communication & robust exchanges on BMX/BME CRA corrections had to be done on CRA.

Facts and Changes       
This creates incompatibility  with Input_char_QX and Print_char_Qx in Unity Pro V7 EFs due to communication checks in CRP.
The EFs have been modified in Unity Pro V8 to support new BMXCRA firmware version.  

In case a customer is using a Unity Pro V7 application, including  "Input_char_QX" and "Print_char_Qx"(with NOM for example) and he adds a new BMXCRA31210 (after the launch of the M580) with the lastest firmware, the application will not work. 
Causes and Fixes       
The customer will have to:
- either, update the application to Unity V8
- or, downgrade the firmware of the BMXCRA31210 ( SV 1.30 )  to previous version.

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