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What is the part number for a RS232 to RS485 cable to connect to a Lexium 05 drive?



There is a cable required to connect to the drive using the configuration software primarily to configure the drive and aid in axis exercising/ trouble shooting. These cables will also work with a Lexium 32 drive.

Product Line:

Lexium 05A, Lexium 05B, Lexium 32A, Lexium 32C, Lexium 32M



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Resolution :

There are two cables that may be used for connecting to a Lexium 05 drive from a PC.

1. VW3 A8 106 - This is a 3 m long cable with an RJ45 connector on the device/drive end and an RS232/RS485 converter with a DB9 demale Sub-D connector on the PC end.

2. TCSM CNAM 3M002P -  This cable has a USB connector on the PC end and an RJ 45 connector on the Device/drive end. The cable is 2.5 m long.

These cables can also be used to connect to a Lexium 32 drive from the PC/laptop..


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