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What is the Bus Cycle Time for the Twido AS-Interface module?

This is the cycle time between slave(s) and the master module. The AS-Interface system always transmits information, which is the same length to each slave on the
bus. The AS-Interface cycle time depends on the number of active slaves connected to the bus. The scan time t represents the exchange time between a
master and n active slaves (a maximum of 31 on /A or /B).So, for:
  • up to 19 active slaves, t = 3ms
  • 20 to 31 active slaves, t = (1+n) * 0.156ms

When two slaves A and B have the same address, each slave in the pair is scanned every two cycles. This means that for 31 extended address setting slaves
configured in /A, + 31 extended address setting slaves configured in /B. the scan time will be 10 ms.
Maximum cycle time:
  • maximum 5 ms for 31 standard or extended address setting slaves,
  • maximum 10 ms for 62 extended address setting slaves.
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