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How do I import an XBTF project that has *.XDF files?

The *.XDF files are the compiled project files for the XBTF panel.  You can import the project using XBTL1000. 

From XBTL1000 go to the Transfer menu -> select Import/Export Folder and browse to the folder where the *.XDF files are located.

Once that is complete,  go to the Transfer menu -> select Import -> from Import/Export Folder

It should try to import the compiled project into XBTL1000.  If you get the following error: "this is not an XBT-L1000 file", it means that either:

1 - The file was created in a newer version of XBTL1000 than what you have.

2 - A protocol used in that application is not installed on your XBTL1000 software.

3 - There are missing *.XDF files.
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