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Why has flashing the firmware in my Lexium 32 drive caused the drive to display error iir9 ?

The error of iir9 seen on the display of Lexium 32 drives after attempting to flash the firmware is a result of using the old flash tool software.

If you have flashed the firmware of your Lexium 32 drive and the display of the drive shows iir9 then you need to download and install the newest flash tool and then flash the firmware again using the new flash tool.
The version of flash tool required is version 

To flash with the new tool follow these steps.

1. Switch off the 24 volts supply

2. Simultaneously press the parameter navigation button and the esc key button on the drive

3. While still holding the 2 buttons switch on the 24 volt supply

You should now see a dashed line in the display

4. Start the new flash tool and under the "file/settings" deactivate "check compatibility"

5. Start the flash process

6. When flash has completed cycle off then back on the 24 volt power supply.


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